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Piranha 3D 2010

Well the much anticipated movie Piranha 3D has descended upon America. Its' release date was on August 20th, 2010.

I suspected It would be a big hit. It plays on peoples fears of this carnivorous creature. Piranhas are well known and feared for their teeth, razor sharp and capable of shredding flesh in seconds.

Piranhas have a reputation for being very violent, which is something reminiscent of how people viewed sharks at the time when the movie jaws was debuted. I remember being about 7yrs old when Jaws came to the theaters. I wouldn't go into the lake much less the ocean because of that movie. Since I've grown up I now love these kinds of movies if they are well made. If they are cheaply done, you can tell and they just seem cheesy.

Since my husband and I love these kind of movies, we were sure to go to the theater to see this one to get the full effect. Many times we just wait for a movie to come out on video, but this one has peaked my interest. And how better to see a 3D movie than on a big screen at the theater.

Piranha 3D - Movie Review

Okay, I finally got to see the movie, and let me just say WOW! If you are the type of person who doesn't like blood and guts,gore kind of movies then this movie is not for you. Because there is plenty of it. As expected for this type of film.

What I didn't expect however is that there would be so much nudity, mostly women, but in an unexpected scene, there was well let me just say too much man parts floating around. All of this I could have done without. I think it was totally unnecessary and would have been just as effective without it.

The special effects were quite good however, the CG piranha were done really well and did look like something out of prehistoric times. And the sheer number of them were staggering.

There were also some very beautiful scenes underwater at first before all the mayhem. Deep underwater cave scenes and such.

As far as the 3D part goes, some scenes did look quite good, however it didn't look like the 3D effect I thought they would. Nothing really seemed to jump out at me, or feel like I could reach out and touch it like I have experienced with other 3D movies.

I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to go see it but, I was a little bit disappointed. Too much nudity, not needed. And some of the gore scenes were too over the top. Maybe even a bit unbelievable. But then again a prehistoric piranha species that had been under a huge lake for thousands of years seems unrealistic as well. After all it is just a movie.

I don't think it was worth the price of admission and might even say that I probably would wait for the dvd. It was a good experience, but it left me feeling a little disappointed.

The story was fairly typical as well, Spring Break on a big lake, thousands of teenagers out to have a good time, not listening to law enforcement. A couple of people you hate so you don't mind when they meet their demise. And a young boy and his young siblings who manage to escape the bloodthirsty piranha.

If you don't mind the gore and the blatant nudity then you will probably like this movie. So go see it enjoy it.

The very last scene says it all, I think by that scene, there will be a Piranha 3D sequel.

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